Email Marketing is Alive…and Profitable

Thanks to Gmail, we have a “Promotions” Folder where all the emails we receive from email lists or marketing offers are automatically sent. Its not a spam folder because these are lists, for the most part, we opted into from brands we know or want to follow. I usually check my Promotions Folder daily and may click on a few promotions that look interesting. So, the question is, “How effective is email marketing?”. In 2009, there was an opinion piece from that listed 9 reasons that e-mail is dead. Number 2 on the list was spam. Email has made a comeback thanks to improved spam filters and Google’s Gmail. Today people have many more channels of online communication including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and every other new chat app that will try to replace them all. However, email is still the preferred business communication method and its still the way most people communicate with their contacts. It is also one of the most effective ways for businesses to promote their products and/or brand image. According to a recent Nielsen study, 56% of respondents either completely trust or somewhat trust emails they signed up for. Not surprisingly, word of mouth recommendations from friends or family ranked at the top with 80% trust levels.

The survey asked over 30,000 consumers in 60 countries earlier this year. They looked at a variety of different marketing methods to see which ones were the most effective. In addition to a high trust rate, email marketing also had a high action rate with 63% saying they always or sometimes take action. Compare this to online video ads and online banner ads that had 53% and 50% action rates, respectively.

With this in mind, one of the first features we added to AVID Ad Server was the ability to create HTML <a> tags for email ad placements. The HTML tags do everything a javascript or image tag does including the ability to have multiple ad groups and weight ad presentation by ad group or by ad. With AVID’s advanced geo targeting features you can also display different images or ads in your email marketing efforts based on country, state, and city. Imagine being able to increase the income from your email list by adding featured posts and/or offers!

Email is obviously not dead, in fact it is probably the biggest untapped revenue source your business has. AVID Ad Server gives you the tools to monetize this underutilized revenue source.

Leave your comments below. How do you utilize your email marketing?