18 Online Advertising Stats [Infographic]

There was a time when online marketing was considered a waste of time and money. The industry was plagued with disruptive pop-up ads that hurt a brand’s image more than helped. In the past 5 years online streaming, faster internet connections, and the ubiquitous smartphone have changed the way people access information and entertainment. Social networks are widely used by consumers and the brands that hope to reach them.

While the traditional ad spends may be around for awhile – they’re not where the savvy ad spend is being invested. More and more marketers are realizing the value of getting seen – and clicked through – where their customers are. Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google Adwords, and Twitter ads have seen double digital growth – and it’s not slowing down.

In this infographic from Wishpond you will get to see the incredible changes that have come about in the not so recent past and yes foreseeable future. Here are the online advertising stats you need to know. AVID Ad Server is designed and approved to run on all the big traffic sources listed on #8, #11, and #14!