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All-In-One Ad Serving Platform

AVID Ad Server is an all-in-one ad serving and ad management solution that helps you create, serve, and monitor ALL of your ads in real-time under one roof.

Native Ad Units

Easily build high converting ads in minutes

With AVID’s built in templates, create visually stunning native ad units that are optimized for the highest click through rates

Take advantage of each impression by showing multiple ads within the same banner

VAST / Video

Video Ad Serving, Simplified

Serve, host, and customize VAST (2.0/3.0/4.0) compliant tags with the video ad analytics you need to optimize revenues.

Easily create a custom, high converting HTML5 video ad using a combination of video and text elements – the options are endless!

Mobile Web or In-App Ready!

Serve any ad, of any size, to any device

Get higher Click through rates(CTR) with beautiful high quality responsive ads templates made for any device size

AVID is completely mobile focused. From our own app to manage your campaigns from to our complete SDK for controlling your in-app Ads

AVID's Exit Intent Popup

Engage & convert leaving visitors

As an affiliate your focused on 1 thing getting that conversion

By using a native ad exit intent popup our clients are seeing an avg.
increase of 15+% ROI to their campaigns

Link Tracker (keep it all under one roof)

Stop Using Multiple Platforms To Track Your Campaigns

Split test landing pages and track clicks and conversions from your social media ads

Set up targeted landing pages based on the many conditions available in AVID

Better yet Display a full landing page hosted and served on AVID robust cloud server infrastructure.

Targeting Done Right!

Decide Who Sees One Ad And Who Sees The Other

Quickly segment your ad campaigns to speak to your target audience. The better you target your audience, the better your ad will perform at the lowest cost.

Easy to use targeting lets you control how ads are served. Target users by geo, subID, device, browser,IP, ISP, proxy, and more.



Measuring your results has never been easier. Get the stats that matter and take action to improve your campaign strategy. With AVID's real-time reporting you don't have to wait to analyze your impressions, clicks, conversions, and overall performance.

Quickly pinpoint where you're wasting ad spend for each traffic source, ad, ad group, country, or any other metric - combined or independently.

"AVID is hands down the best ad management tool I use. On top of serving and managing my ads, I use their link tracker feature - which allows me to track my clicks and manage the redirect destination URLs to easily split test my landing pages – a feature that AVID developed at my request. They also offer 24/7 support, and listen to my feedback to constantly make improvements to the software to benefit us as clients. 10/10 would recommend."

David Suarez
David Suarez South Beach Skincare | President

"We were introduced to AVID by a marketer friend. We are very pleased with the service we are receiving from them. It allows us to populate our sites with banners by adding one simple piece of code. The pricing is fair as well, and we appreciate the service they provide. Customer service is on point as well - overall an A++ from us."

Mouhamed Khouma
Mouhamed Khouma MSK Ventures Inc. | CEO

It's Easy To Double Your Sales When You're Serving The Right Ad, To The Right Person, At The Right Time.

Create, Serve, Track and Optimize ALL of your ads in real-time for Publishers, Advertisers, Agencies & Affiliate Marketers. Request A Demo today...